It's your time and your agenda

I provide a confidential, open and positive space for clients to discuss topics that are really important to them.  


My role is to support the client by believing in them and their ability to find their own solutions to their challenges.  By actively listening as they talk and using a variety of skills, tools and models people are able to think deeply about their chosen topic.  


As a result clients reach new levels of understanding and see things from different perspectives.  From there it is possible to select from previously unconsidered options to achieve progress. 


Choosing a coach

Whenever we buy a service we want to feel that we have had value for money.


Selecting a coach is no different.  Clients want to choose someone who will help them to achieve the progress they are looking for.  Coaching qualifications are necessary but a key ingredient in successful coaching is rapport between the two people in the conversation.  


Because rapport is so important between coach and client it is vital that some kind of meeting or discussion takes place before formal coaching sessions start.  I offer a free 30 minute meeting either face to face, over the phone or via Skype to allow clients to discuss what they are looking for and determine whether my coaching services will meet their needs.