What do clients think?

Marianne always stayed on my agenda and encouraged me to find my own solutions rather than imposing her views / values / ideas for change.  She often asked insightful questions and used visualisation in particular as a useful tool to help me define what was in my head but I didn't realise was there!  She was also consistently extremely positive and displayed a genuine desire for me to succeed.  I thoroughly enjoyed our coaching sessions.



She has helped me bring clarity to my thoughts in a clear and concise but empathetic way.  She is very calming and cuts to the nub of the conversation very well.  I really enjoyed our time together and always take away learnings that I have put into practice.



Our sessions were held on the phone as well as face to face. Marianne was always very good at listening and allowing me to speak, reassuring me that her main role was to listen and let me speak.  Her manner was always excellent.  Patient, understanding and approachable.  She offered some very good advice, which let me take control of where and how I wanted to change. 


She is a positive person and this positive attitude affected me too.  She made me realise that I have the ability to change whatever needs changing in my life.  I found each of the sessions helpful and always felt stronger and more able to face my next challenge afterwards.  I will miss these sessions when they come to an end but now have in place some strategies to allow me to be more independent and in control.