Benefits of OptiMums Maternity Coaching


The coaching / training design draws upon the experiences of many working Mums and Managers in order to meet the needs of both parties in those first few weeks and months back at work.  It provides the returning Mum with a support programme to generate her own post maternity re-integration plan and feel confident as she becomes a working Mum.  Upon completion this plan is discussed by Mum and her Manager, before her return date, to collaborate and agree how the company can best support her as she returns to work. 


There are many benefits to the OptiMums Maternity Coaching.


Mum benefits through:

  • better understanding the return process
  • pro-actively creating a personal plan to share with her Manager
  • restoring her confidence and re connecting with her professional capability
  • receiving tailored 1 to 1 support that fits around her and her baby's routine
  • significantly reducing re-integration stress and maximising early performance


Employer benefits by:

  • saving time working on something that Mum can, with help, do herself
  • providing a consistent return support programme that reduces stress
  • offering practical support when it is really needed thereby
  • fostering increased employee loyalty and early high performance.