Maternity Coaching Delivery

The OptiMums Maternity Coaching Programme is delivered in 2 x 2 hour (approx) sections:


Section 1 focuses on Mum-to-be as a professional i.e. her work identity, her role and employer.  Mum-to-be will usually get more benefit from this section if it is held just BEFORE maternity leave starts but if this is not possible then this section held during maternity leave still adds significant value to the return process.


Section 2 focuses on Mum as a working Mum i.e. planning her successful return and re integration.  This section is best delivered once Mum has confirmed to her employer that she is returning to work and agreed terms.


Courses can be booked to take place either on site or off site and at a time and place that suits Mum. 

Maternity Coaching Content and Approach

The OptiMums Maternity Coaching Programme blends traditional training with a 1 to 1 coaching.


- training assists where Mum has knowledge gaps about a re-integration she may not have experienced before.  It helps her to feel better informed and more confident as her start date approaches.  


- coaching provides pro active thinking space for her to create and personalise her Return to Work Plan.  Mum has chance to safely discuss concerns, explore options, assess pro's and con's and choose support solutions appropriate to her individual home / work situtation.


Through this combination of education and coaching style conversation Mum creates the end product for discussion with her Manager.


As a result the OptiMums Maternity Coaching Programme provides a consistent supportive framework with sufficient flexibility so that Mums feel informed and can create their own unique Return To Work Plan. 

A Plan That Is Easy To Share, Discuss and Use At Work

The output from the OptiMums Maternity Coaching Programme is collated and presented in a Return to Work Plan.


The format makes it easy for all interested parties to share - the Returning Mum, her Employer and her Manager.  The plan brings important, practical data items together in one easy-to-navigate report and provides an excellent basis for initial 1 to 1 meetings, subsequent progress reviews and objective re-integration policy development.

Coaching Cost

Coaching support can be tailored to your needs and budget whether you are an employer seeking to provide specialist support within your business or a mum on maternity leave at home.


Initial conversation conducted at no cost to assess your needs and create a proposal that meets your needs.