What do Mums think?

"Really constructive, thought provoking, practical and emotionally supportive.  Thank you!"



G Simpson

Marketing Manager


"I loved the OptiMums coaching / training!  The process of walking through the return to work plan was a great way to flush out areas of concern and enable me to build a really practical plan to alleviate these concerns. 


Well structured and well organised.  A good mix of coaching and leading, very professional.

I really liked being able to walk away with a hard pack.  It really helped to boost my confidence."

C. Cow
Activity Manager



"I didn't appreciate how useful this would be.


The course felt very individualised and the templates were easily flexed to take account of unique situations.


The course has given me the mindset of a "working mum".  I had not fully appreciated that this is an entirely new role.


Overall, it has contributed to an upbeat attitude to returning to work and made me realise that day one, week one is not about starting where I left off and blending in but defining an approach to the role of working mum."



Major Jo Baxter

92 Squadron

Buckley Barracks