Welcome to OptiMums

OptiMums was founded in 2011 to provide:


- Maternity Coaching for mums returning to work after maternity leave.  Leaving baby in childcare and learning to be a working mum is a major life change but it does not need to be stressful. OptiMums offers a semi structured planning approach that blends coaching and mentoring.  Mum feels prepared, organised and can look forward to her return date. Provision of this type of support significantly increases Mums engagement during what would otherwise be a difficult transition.


- Executive Coaching for Managers and Directors. Maximising potential and assisting with career progression, there are many ways in which coaching can improve an individuals work performance including building confidence, managing upwards, career planning, time management, managing the underperformance of direct reports. The list goes on. OptiMums has a track record of preparing women for Director positions.


- Management Training covers both the design and delivery of training events.  Provision has included half day courses to more lengthy training programmes delivered across entire management structures over a number of months.


The aim of each service is to engage, educate, enlighten and ultimately to improve employee performance.